Trang chủ Lớp 6 Tiếng Anh 6 sách Kết nối tri thức Review 1 (Unit 1-2-3) – Skill trang 37 Tiếng Anh 6 Kết...

Review 1 (Unit 1-2-3) – Skill trang 37 Tiếng Anh 6 Kết nối tri thức...

Hướng dẫn giải bài tập trang 37 SGK Tiếng Anh lớp 6 sách Kết nối tri thức và cuộc sống: Review 1 (Unit 1-2-3) – Skill

1. Choose A, B or C for each blank inthe email below.



Subject: My best friend

Hi Nick,

It’s great to hear from you. I want to tell you about my best friend. My grandma is my best friend. She is 68 years

old. She (1)………. with our family. She was a math steacher (2)………….  a secondary school. She likes (3) …….. up early and watering the flowers in our

garden. She usually helps (4)…………….. with my homework. In the evening, she tells me interesting stories. She also listens (5)

….. me when I’m sad. | love my grandma very much.

What about you? Who’s your best friend?

Bye bye,


1. A lives              B works                C goes

2. A for                 B.on                      C at

3. A going            B. staying             C. getting

4 A.I                      B me                      C. my

5. A with               B to                       C. for

* Trả lời:  1.A    2.C      3.C       4.B      5.B

2. Read the text and answer the questions.


My new school is in 8 quiet place not far from the city centre. iT has three bulidings and a large yard. This year there ave 26 classes with more than 1000 students at my school. Most students are hard-working and kind. The school  has about 40 teachers. They are all heipful and frendLy. My school has different clubs: Dance, English, Arts, Football and Basketball. I like English, so I am in the English club. I love my school because it is a good schooL

1. Where is the writer’s new school?

2. What are the students like?

3. What are the teachers like?

4 How many clubs are there in the school?

* Trả lời:

1. It’s in a quite place not far from the city center

Quảng cáo

2. They are hard-working and kind

3. They’rea all helpful and friendly

4. There are 6 clubs in the school

3. Interview two of your classmates about what they like and distike about your school. Report their answers.


* Trả lời: Học sinh tự thực hành trên lớp


4. An and Mi are talking on the phone. Listen and fil each blank with ONE word. 

1, Everybody is at…………….

2. Mi’s mother is watenng the………in the garden,

3. Mi’s father is in the …………

4. Her younger brother is……….. in her bedroom.

5. Vy is watching………

* Trả lời: Đang cập nhật


5.Write an email of about 50 words to your friend. Teil him / her sbout a family member. Use these questions as cues.

1. Who is the person?

2. How old is he / she?

3. What does he / she look like?

4. What is he / she bike?


* Trả lời:

1. My mom

2. She is 40 years old

3. She’s tall and beautiful with long black hair

4. She is caring because she always takes good care of me. She prepares food and uniform for me every morning to go to school . She’s also kind because she usually helps neighbourhoods whenever they get trouble.